"Start with honest emotions, mix with a selection of the finest support musicians you will find, season the whole dish with some New York attitude and get ready for some of the tastiest blues ever to be served up."
~ Joe Grandwilliams
Good Times Magazine


"Possibly the best blues slide guitarist this side of the Mississippi or at least of the East River. Whether on his feet playing slide guitar licks to rival the best or sitting down with his Regal dobro across his lap, Kearney just gets better and better. His talent transcends all musical boundaries and in a perfect world, his name would be known from coast to coast".
~ Ron Biegel
Long Island Voice


"... Kerry Kearney, master of the dobro and Breezy Point guitar slinger brings a new take on blues/roots music known as 'psychedelta.' An electrifying performer, Kearney... is an amazing slide guitarist. His electric guitar work is the stuff of which lightning storms are made..."
~ Blue Lou Margiore
Good Times Magazine, Relix Magazine


"...raucous, gritty wailing and upbeat blues..."
~ Laura Dobbins
ATOMIC Magazine


"A singing, song writing, guitar playing, showman sensation with great chops and a really hot band."
~ Modern Drummer Magazine


~ Robyn Lane
On-air personality
WRAT, Bellmar, NJ


"Kerry mixes his diversity with pure energy and love that my listeners have no choice but to love his music."
~ Danny G
The Evening Blues Show
WRHU 88.7fm


Leslie West, (Mountain), to Warren Haynes (Govt. Mule, Allmans)
While hanging backstage at Brookhaven Amphitheatre, and hearing their opening act shredding...
“Who the f*#k is that?!" 
(They run out front to see)
Warren Haynes, 
"It figures, it's Kerry!" 

"At present, when 'carbon-copy' seems to have become the set standard of musical style, it is so refreshing to enjoy a performance of original artistry. No gimmicks, no stylistic replication of artists past, but a fresh, innovative voice. Kerry's songwriting includes honest lyrics and music performed with emotion, energy and an unquestionable command of his instrument."
~ Joan Mallotides
New York Blues & Jazz Society
Editor E*BluesNews

Kerry Kearney

"The most original sounding guitar player to come along in quite a while. A sensational showman!.. Simply stated, he's amazing. An interpreter, an innovator, a guy who can burn up the fret board one minute bringing you to your feet, and whose feel can reach deep inside you and make you cry the next. He’s a great showman. To hear/see Kerry is to become a fan. To meet Kerry is to become a friend. I've been privileged to become both. He's my favorite on-air guest by far. To see Kerry and the band is to be transformed into a blues junkie with no cure unless you see them again and again! And please do yourself a favor and read his book!!!”
- Kevin McPartland, On-air personality
RCN 103.9 Long Island


"We are always hearing about global warming, and it could be due to the 21st century 'hot sliding guitar runs' of Kerry Kearney, who can really heat things up anywhere on the planet!! A master blaster sustaining the art form."
~ Bill Nolan
WPKN-FM 89.5
Bridgeport, CT


"Kerry's musical talent is only surpassed by his easy-going personality, humility and genuine love for his fans! His signature guitar sound is inspirational and evokes raw emotion on several levels. The musical notes that come through Kerry's fingers create an aural experience that equals the vibrant colors that become a visual masterpiece on canvas. Sit back, relax and hear for yourself!"
~ Jerry Schaefer
Radio Personality and Host of Graveyard Blues
103.9 FM Long Island


"Someone once said: 'a guy will promise you the world and give you nothin' and that's the blues'. Well Kerry Kearney promises AND delivers the world of the blues. From slow-burning to high-wiring, he takes you all the way. Kerry's simply one of the best around and a nice guy too! Thanks Kerry, for keeping the blues alive and rockin'!" 
~ Bonnie Grice, On-Air Personality and Host
Eclectic Cafe, WPPB 88.3FM
Long Island 



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